QTM hosts a rich variety of visiting faculty and pre-doctoral students from around the world during the academic year and during the summer. These visiting faculty and pre-doctoral students engage in research, collaborate with Emory faculty on papers and other written material, deliver lectures, and participate in the Institute's many workshops, speakers series, and conferences, with the purpose of promoting quantitative literacy in all fields at Emory University.

Additionally, each year the Institute hosts a small number of undergraduate fellows who are active participants in the university's vital research environment.

Faculty Fellows




Ji-Woong Chung, Associate Professor of Finance at Korea University Business School

My primary research interest is understanding the organizational and industrial structure of the asset management industry and their effects on organizational performances and asset prices in the financial markets. I employ various types of quantitative and statistical methods to manage large-scale data and to establish causal relationships among the variables of interest in my research.

The purpose of my seeking the QTM’s fellowship is to continue and expand research collaboration with faculties in the areas of Economics, Finance, and Accounting at Emory University. Currently, I am collaborating with Professor John Kim in the Department of Economics and Mr. Jaemin Lee, a Ph.D. student, in Goizueta Business School.


Yifeng Zhu, Assistant Professor at Central University of Finance and Economics

My research interests are in empirical asset pricing, applied econometrics, finance technology, labor economics and forecasting. All of my published, working papers and working projects are using some kinds of quantitative methods. For instance, I mainly employ entropy (from information theory), unconditional and conditional quantile regressions to analyze distributional information beyond certain moments. In addition, I also apply other conventional econometric methods, such as block bootstrap, simulation, and nonparametric kernel estimation. During my visit, I plan to finish the revision of three working papers, “Stock Return Asymmetry and Anomalies”, “Crude Oil Price Prediction: A Nonparametric Approach” and “Intra-Industry and Inter- Industry Anomalies”.  

Pre-Doctoral Fellows



Therese Lamperty

As a fifth year PhD candidate in Dr. Amy Dunham’s lab at Rice University (Houston, TX), I have spent the last four years using applied statistics to investigate and quantify how defaunation — defined as the human-induced loss of animal species (typically from hunting) — alters ecological and evolutionary processes in tropical forests. My work integrates multiple research methods, including the use of large plant-animal interaction datasets and network analysis, molecular techniques, and in situ experiments and observations. This broad range of approaches has made research collaborations an important and enriching part of my dissertation, and as an IQTM predoctoral fellow I would look forward to working not only with the Brosi lab, but with a range of other scholars and experts in network science and related re- search at Emory.

In particular, I will work with the Brosi lab on the third chapter of my doctoral dissertation, focused on using network analysis approaches to understand how defaunation influences the structure and robustness of plant-frugivore networks.


Undergraduate Fellows



tony chen photo

Haobin (Tony) Chen

Initially deciding to study human biology, I am now greatly interested in the application of data science and statistical inference in the field of biology or health science. The statistical analysis of biomedical and health data can provide huge insight into many underlying association of many factors that could impact human health. Health is always on the top of people's list of concern, and statistical model can address this problem: foreseeing and preventing by analyzing the past. I am currently pursuing research that use logistic regression model to study health of Hispanic elderly, and hopefully can provide information with my research result for stakeholder to improve their health. I will also study clinical trial analysis, categorical analysis, and machine learning in medicine in graduate school.


Sunny Chung Photo

Sunny Chung

I have always felt that natural language processing/computational linguistics draws most of my attention because linguistics allows us to approach different problems in creative ways. I would love to participate in any NLP researches where I can gain knowledge in analyzing text and audio through machine learning.


William Ding photo

Peijian (William) Ding

I am passionate about applying quantitative methods in economics and finance. I would love to explore the macroeconomic policies in the world especially on current topics including the U.S-China trade war. I am also interested in conducting incident analysis and looking for the reason why through data. I founded the Emory Global China Summit that took place on January 19th, 2019. The economic panel that talked about the global implications of the escalating trade war fascinated me. I have since then developed a strong interest in trade and investment issues in the Asia-Pacific region and a desire to investigate government policies. I would love to analyze policies in a greater context, identify ongoing trends, make sound predictions, turn data into illustrative graphs, and understand the bigger picture. I am open to a wide range of topics in economics as I am eager to explore them by actively learning and applying my knowledge.


Haozhe Du photo

Haozhe Du

The types of research that interest me are the ones related to global financial markets. I have always been interested in finance, especially the global markets that continually changes. It gives me a feeling of being surrounded by millions of invisible connections that link the whole finance industry. I would love to spend my time to dig deeper into the connections and predict what will happen in the future in the financial world.


Hanne Enlow photo

Hanne Enlow

I am especially interested in research related to public health. However, mostly I am interested in gaining exposure to analysis and modeling techniques in practice and am excited to gain hands-on experience working with data regardless of the source.


David Ji photo

David Ji

I’m interested in behavioral animal research that models human biological systems and pathways. Currently, my research focuses on sleep behavior in transgenic Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease in Rhesus Macaques, modeling the early symptoms and pathogenesis of each disease. My research also incorporates gene and environmental interactions that differentiate behavior in the transgenic Huntington’s Macaques. This behavioral research is important because its ability to lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses of the disease that are noticeable through non-invasive measures. For future research opportunities, I am interested in continuing behavioral research in disease pathogenesis and symptoms that may reveal underlying pathways in the human brain.


Jieyu Jiao

Jieyu Jiao

I am interested in Interdisciplinary researches that are built on both humanity/social science and quantitative science knowledge. In particular, I am most interested in the linguistic fields (human language, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, computational linguistic, etc).


Sharon Lai photo

Xiaoyu (Sharon) Lai

As my major in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Economics, my research interests are in fields of economy and company operations. It is my passion to participate topics such as macroeconomic policies and factors influencing company growth, and some specific examples like implication from trade war and comparison between company strategies. I am really interested in working on those topics and also learn to apply coding and data analysis learned from coursework to real life situation. Furthermore, referring to type of research, I am looking forward to learning steps to conduct quantitative research, including important steps to manipulate data, learn methodology and analyze results.


Derek Shi photo

Dading (Derek Shi)

I'm interested in descriptive research related to my field of study.


Zeshi Wang photo

Zeshi Wang

I am very interested in interdisciplinary research projects that combine topics such as economic development and comparative politics. I hope to utilize various analytical tools to analyze data and produce desired results. As for economic development, I hope to use research to evaluate the functionality of different macroeconomic policies such as anti-poverty programs, subjects on international transfer pricing, and financial phenomenon and their political impacts such as the Eurozone debt crisis. For comparative politics, I am interested in researching on and comparing different political systems and their functionalities, as well as evaluating various public policies such as welfare and healthcare programs.