2018-2019 Events

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College to Career Events


A commitment to day-one readiness

That means equipping students to ask the right questions, think critically, and communicate insights with clarity.  Through QTM's curriculum, experiential learning, and professional development, students become revered researchers and problem solvers; valued employees who successfully bridge the space between technical and non-technical audiences; and adroit managers who can maximize the potential of any business's data science investment. 


Below is a list of scheduled events.  To register/RSVP for any event, please use the CALENDAR


  • 24th - Careers at the Intersection of Liberal Arts & Data Science: A Networking Night
  • 24th - Panel Discussion: The Intersection of Data Science and Non-Profits/Government


  • 18th – Lunch n’ Learn - Kaiser Permanente on the Ways Data Informs Decision Making in Healthcare, Governemnt and Business – Ernest Brown 


  • 13th – Entrepreneurship with QTM – Amelia Schaffner 
  • 19th – Mini-Hackathon hosted by QTM


  • 12th – How to Succeed in your Job/Internship Search


  • 5th - From resume to interview: The essentials 



  • 23rd        R-Coding Workshop Series (ECDS)
  • 30th        R Coding Intermediate I: Data Visualization (ECDS)


  • 6th          R Coding Intermediate 2: Strings (ECDS)
  • 9 - 10th   Software Carpentry Workshop (Graduate Data Science Club)
  • 13th        R Application: Social Media Scraping (ECDS)
  • 20th        Network Visualization (ECDS)
  • 27th        Introduction to Git and GitHub (ECDS)
  • TBD         Tableau Workshop by OldCastle


  • 6th          Data Cleaning (ECDS)
  • 20th        Advanced Tableau (ECDS)


  • 5th - 7th  DataFest

* Check back often for updates. We are adding new events all the time. Some dates are tentative and subject to change

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Research and Scholarship Events

Quantitative Approaches in Climate Change Research

This series features lectures from world renowned scholars whose research employs quantitative approaches in understanding climate change. In order to understand and address the full extent of the anthropological effects on climate change, scholars are turning to quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. The next few lectures will focus on topics including tidewater glaciers, accelerators of climate change, and understanding the role atmospheric aerosols in climate change.

Make sure to RSVP to these incredible lectures and stay updated with other upcoming events by visiting the Quantitative Approaches in Climate Change website.

Upcoming Speakers
           Tidewater Glaciers: The Harbingers of Climate Change?
            Jason Amundson, Ph.D. University of Alaska Southeast
                Date & Time: Thursday, Oct. 25, 4:00-5:00pm
                Location: White Hall, Room 206
                RSVP here




           Climate Change 2018: Finding the Accelerator Pedal
            Dr. Chris Field, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University
                Date & Time:  Tuesday, November 6th, 4:00-5:00PM
                Location: White Hall, Room 206
                RSVP here



                The Role of Atmospheric Aerosols in Climate Change
            Dr. Min Zhong, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
                Date & Time: Thursday, Nov. 8, 1:00-2:00pm
                Location: Atwood, Room 360
                RSVP here




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2018 Meeting of the International Society for Justice Research: Interrogating Injustice
July 25-28, 2018 || Emory University

The hosts (Emory University, in conjunction with Georgia State University and University of Georgia) invite paper and poster submissions for the 2018 biennial conference of the International Society for Justice Research. The theme,Interrogating Injustice, will highlight issues related to race and to the distribution of health care resources. Scholars from an array of disciplines whose work touches upon social justice concerns from both basic and applied perspectives are encouraged to submit their research for presentation. QTM is a co-sponsor of this event. The submission portal opens November 15, 2017. Scholars may submit individual papers, paper symposia including 3-5 papers from individual scholars, or posters. For submission and conference details, see:http://sociology.emory.edu/isjr2018 or a link at https://www.isjr.org/. Submit your paper, symposia, or poster here.

In addition to program sessions, a training workshop for graduate students will be held on July 25. Conference attendees may opt to attend: the gala dinner at the Carter Presidential Center and Library; a tour of the Martin Luther King Center and the Center for Civil and Human Rights; and an evening excusion to Ponce City Market. Accommodations are available at the Emory Conference Center and in univeristy residence halls.

Registration opens February 1, 2018. For further inquiries, please email isjr2018@emory.edu.

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Graduate Student Events

Methods Aside

Formerly, Graduate Student Meet & Greets

Since 2013, we have provided a forum for graduate students across disciplines to network and collaborate with other graduate students. These events feature 2 or more graduate students speakers who provide a brief overview of their research question and quantitative research methods.

This year (Academic Year 2018-2019), we are co-hosting our graduate student event series with GRITS, Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars.

Methods Aside
October 30, 2018 || 5:30pm-7:00pm || PAIS 280

Graduate students across disciplines give talks that run 5 minutes and are geared toward a general graduate student audience. After each talk, there will be 5 minutes for questions.

This event is jointly held by the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM) in collaboration with Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars (GRITS). All graduate students are welcome to attend. Come enjoy and mengle!

Speakers: TBD. 

Dinner is provided. 


To suggest a graduate student event, contact IQTM@emory.edu.

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