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Annual Theme

Annual Theme

Quantitative Approaches in Climate Change Research

The mission of QTM is to promote the teaching, learning, and use of quantitative theory and methods. One of the ways we seek to engage students, faculty, and the community is by overing a variety of events throughout the acacemic year, a number of which revolve around the Institute's annual theme. Quantitative Approaches in Climate Change Research is the theme for academic year 2018-2019. This theme will consist of a 2-day climate change symposium and an outstanding speaker series - check the website for updates, times, locations and RSVP!

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Have a Theme Idea? Submit a Proposal

QTM funds quantitative science themes for up to a year.

All submissions and questions may be sent to Proposals should be no more than two pages in length and should include:

  • Theme title
  • Explanation of the theme
  • Description of its importance
  • Requested components for the theme (speakers, faculty fellows from outside institutions, workshops, and/or conferences)

The duration and content of each theme is entirely flexible: themes can be anywhere between a semester and a year in length. The author of the theme is responsible for collaborating with QTM staff to invite speakers and visitors, construct itineraries, and give introductory remarks at events. In compensation for this responsibility, the author of an accepted proposal will receive a research account supplement each semester of the theme.


About Events

Annual Themes

By centering some events on a particular quantitative theme, we strive to enrich the understanding of each topic by exhibiting its various uses & applications.

Speaker Series

QTM hosts speakers to discuss relevant topics beyond the annual theme. Click here to see upcoming Speaker Series events. Past and present speaker series include:
  • Research Design is Not Enough
  • Data Visualization
  • Quantitative Climate Change
  • Quantitative Biology & Theoretical Biophysics
  • Big Data
  • Quantitative Humanities

Conferences, Symposia, & Workshops

Additional venues are used to engage a broader audience and have had broader impacts. For example, Tableau Labs and Delta Airlines used the visualization built by participants during a previous Data Visualization in Tableau workshop. Click here to view upcoming conferences, symposia, & workshops. Past and current workshops & conferences include:
  • The Role of Theory in Causal Identification
  • Digital Scholarship in South Asian Studies
  • Statistics of the Vocal World

College to Career Events

Designed to facilitate day-1 readiness, our programming incorporates professional development and experiential learning opportunities. 

Events include:

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Event Calender

To join our events LISTSERV, send a request to QTMEVENTS@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU or join through