QTM 498R: Quantitative Sciences Capstone

Experiential learning at its finest

Intended for advanced QTM majors (i.e., juniors and seniors), the QTM capstone course offers distinctive collaborations across college and real world. Partnerships originate from a widely varying array of sectors including:

  • Industry
  • Government
  • Non-profit
  • Academia

Partners each bring unique proprietary challenges to faculty-led teams of student investigators who apply disciplinary knowledge and substantive expertise to the questions they are presented. The QTM capstone is your opportunity to synthesize everything you have learned in your classes and make a real impact.

 Over the course of the semester, student teams will...

  • learn the relevant background information and business constraints in order to define the research problem
  • collaborate weekly to bring theoretically sound, analytically rigorous, creative solutions and insights to specific challenges
  • participate in weekly lab sections intended to integrate professional communication, presentation, and writing skills into the overall experience
  • provide partners periodic updates
  • make concluding formal presentations of findings/insights, applicable models/code, and recommended courses of action to partner stakeholders and university guests

 All of happens with the generous support and oversight from...

  • dedicated faculty leads
  • departmental staff
  • partner liaisons
  • university units


Want to participate?

Students: Visit the QTM Prep website to learn more and submit your application!

Potential partner inquiries should be directed to Sandra Ruhlman Smith, Outreach and Career Development Coordinator.