Public Policy and Analysis Major


QTM and the Department of Political Science offer a joint major in Public Policy and Analysis (PPA).

The major in Public Policy and Analysis combines the rigor of a B.S. degree with an emphasis on topics in public policy. The purpose of this joint major is to prepare you for employment in many public policy focused data- or quantitatively-oriented fields, or for graduate study in Political Science, Law, or Public Policy. It is also suitable for those interested in interdisciplinary graduate training across the social sciences. A combination of 17 courses, totaling 51+ credit hours, is required to complete the degree.




Courses available to PPA majors


Washington Semester

Through a cooperative arrangement with American University in Washington, D.C., qualified PPA students may spend a semester of study in Washington.

The 16-week semester in Washington includes:

  • A two-day a week internship
  • A 3-day a week seminar
  • A research project.

Those programs with a study abroad component offer a variety of field practicums. Click here for more information about this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses / credit hours do I need to complete the PPA major?

A combination of 17 courses, totaling 51+ credit hours, is required to complete the degree. See the course checklist for specific course details.

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Can I double major in PPA and another subject? Will the same courses count toward both majors?

Yes, you can double major:

  • You can complete one major, two majors, or one major and one minor.
  • You can only double count two courses between any two majors or a major and a minor. That means that if you pursue PPA and an East Asian Studies major, a maximum of two courses between these two majors can overlap.
  • A number of double majors may not be allowed. Check with your faculty advisor or Areanna Sabine to ensure your double major is allowed.
  • Double majoring can affect your ability to graduate on time; you will need to map out your schedule carefully to ensure you can complete two majors in four years

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How can I participate in an honors program in the PPA major?

Students who wish to participate in an honors program will apply to the Political Science honors program

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Where can I declare this major?

QTM oversees the administration of the PPA major. You can declare the PPA major online here, after which QTM will email you with further instructions.

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Will I graduate in time if I pursue the PPA major?

Every course of study is different. We’ll sit down with you and review your particular plan so that you know what to expect. E-mail Areanna Sabine, Program Cooordinator, at or call 404-727-5136.