QTM Prep for Quantitative Professionalism

Get ready to stand out!

The Day-One Readiness Program is now QTM Prep for Quantitative Professionalism


Emory QTM majors are joining a data revolution that is changing the way the world operates. 

Successfully venturing to the front of this field requires more than impressive quantitative skills.  Critical personal skills - of often deceptive simplicity - are as necessary as the complex and technical. 

QTM Prep is a resource exclusive for QTM students crafted to guide them through steps necessary for personal and professional accomplishment and to recognizing their progress along the journey.

Get ready, get set to QTM Prep!



Complete the Connect with QTM module to access the professional events, networking sessions, and technical workshops available exclusively to QTM students!

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About the Program

What is QTM Prep?

QTM Prep is pilot initiative designed to help students gain and develop key personal and professional skills.  By encouraging and rewarding participation in four key development areas, we promote a well-rounded career development experience.

Who is eligible?

Every QTM (AMS, PPA, QSS, QSS+BBA) major and minor!

Why should you participate in QTM Prep?

Participating in this program differentiates you from your peers. Earn a designation to place on your resume or CV that shows your motivation to drive your own success. QTM Prep shows graduate schools and prospective employers that you are developing yourself not just academically, but as a person as well.


  • Start your next semester with confidence about your career trajectory
  • Receive recognition at QTM's graduation celebration
  • Highlight QTM Prep designations as an award in your cover letter/resume
  • Incorporate this achievement in networking conversations

How do you start?

After declaring your QTM major, you will be enrolled automatically in the QTM Prep Canvas page.