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April 2019: To make big data simpler, innovative organizations are bringing big data's insights to the people who can use them - chect out the story featuring big data on the theme issue:In Overdoses' Wake, City Dives Into Data

February 2018 Math Circle, a three-week math program for high schoolers, returns to Emory July 8-28. Early-bird applications due Feb 21, 2018; regular deadline April 30, 2018

January 2018 The International Society for Justice Research is accepting papers, posters, and symposia submissions for their July 2018 Conference until Feb 21, 2018.

Oct 2017 The Supreme Court is Allergic to Math Why Hospitals need Better Data Science

Sept 2017 NY Times: Reddit Limits Noxious Content by Giving Trolls Fewer Places to GatherFollowing Emory, Schools Develop Quantitative Analysis Programs

Aug 2017 Liberal Arts Majors Are... the Future of the Tech Industry

The Future of Work II: How higher education can better meet the demands of the 21st century workforce

May 12, 2017 QTM Math Circle Summer program for high school students

April 2017 The Future of Work I:The changing workplace and the dual threats of automation and a gig economy.

Jun 9, 2016 Good news! Liberal Arts majors with Quantitative skills have better job prospects...

Dec 19, 2016 Data & Society Fellows Program

Dec 26, 2015 How data can help identify a product's future success or failure...

Aug 2015 The New PhD in Quantitative Biosciences @ GA Tech

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September 2018: New Degree Options are Available! QSS+BBA Co-majorQSS Minor

QTM Partners With Goizueta, Political Science to Offer Two New Majors

New computing class requirements for: New Faculty member, Dr. Weihua An Quantitative Sciences unites big data with liberal arts @ Emory

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