The Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods promotes the teaching, learning, and use of quantitative analysis across all disciplines. 

Quantitative skills—statistical, mathematical and computational techniques—are increasingly important and essential in a wide variety of disciplines and careers. As a result, the demand for applied quantitative training with a substantive focus is strong and growing. While most quantitative training at the undergraduate level remains concentrated in math and statistics departments, our interdisciplinary and applied focus is designed to broaden access to those skills.

Along with our innovative new major, Quantitative Sciences, and new joint major, Applied Math and Statistics, we run a college-wide statistics course; offer fellowships for undergraduates, pre-doctoral students, and visiting faculty; lead a faculty skill-building program; oversee a student-run statistical consulting service; and host a number of themed speaker and workshop series.



Our theme this year is Research Design Is Not Enough

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Japanese Language Text Mining Workshop

Georgia Health Conference

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