The mission of QuanTM is to promote the teachinglearning, and use of quantitative theory and methods. QuanTM's 2014-2015 theme is Computational Approaches to Communication.

Understanding the structure and function of communication is a fundamental problem facing researchers in a wide range of disciplines. Whether seeking to understand how one network of brain cells signals another, how the cries of a baby convey its emotional state to a caregiver, or how syntactical structures in written language embody the relationship between different concepts, many fields of inquiry struggle both to quantify the rich mathematical structure of communication signals and understand how such signals carry information. We are pleased to host a series of speakers and workshops related to this theme.

QuanTM offers a B.S. in Quantitative Science, and runs a college-wide statistics course, an undergrad fellowship program, pre-doctoral and visiting faculty fellowships, a faculty skill-building leave program, a statistical consulting service, and a number of themed speaker series. Information on these and future endeavors may be found through the above links.

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